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Rhino Theatre's Youth Performing for Change - coming to your community!

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Who are we?


A performance troupe of teens and kids who perform for a chance to help donate to different charities and organizations. Whether it’s performing plays to promote anti-bullying at schools or singing at venues to raise money for causes at the local and national level, our teens are here to do it all!

What do we do?

The troupe performs at schools, nursing homes, community events, libraries, the Rhino Theatre, and more, in order to raise money for causes that our teens hold close to their hearts. Our teens and kids also want to work to raise money for causes such as anti-bullying, saving our planet, and a variety of medical awareness campaigns. We know that the performing arts provide a healing, safe, and inspirational space. Our troupe of kids and teens want to use all that they have learned in this space to give back to the rest of the community.

How do I get involved?

Our third Troupe Season will run from June 2019 through to August 2020. Though our second season has been cast, please keep an eye out for future audition dates or email us with any questions about casting and membership!

This program expects to have a positive message, replacing meanness, apathy, and disrespect with positivity, volunteerism, kindness, and respect to each other and our planet. We are determined to inspire the youth and teach them that there is so much they can do to make the world a better place… and it all begins with YOU. You the people performing, you the people volunteering, you the people donating. It starts with YOU.


If you are interested, sign our email list and we will get you involved!

How can I book YPC for my school/library/event?

Please visit our Contact page to find information on where to send inquiries. We would love to connect with you to come up with the perfect program for your needs and venue!

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