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Youth Performing for Change wants to influence young people through the power of performing arts to spread positive changes within our community and the world at large. Our goal is to inspire our youth to be helpful, hopeful, and grateful. The specific issues we intend to combat include bullying and self awareness, world hunger, disaster outreach, and environment education, and any other causes that are in need of our attention. These issues directly impact our youth and in turn these are issues that the youth can have an impact on.


This program expects to have a positive message, replacing meanness, apathy, and disrespect with positivity, volunteerism, kindness, and respect to each other and our planet. We are determined to inspire the youth and teach them that there is so much they can do to make the world a better place… and it all begins with YOU. You the people performing, you the people volunteering, you the people donating. It starts with YOU.

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